Button disable submit

Hi, I have 2 buttons and 2 variables when I click one button it submits so application restarts and second variable gets default value. how can I disable submit method ? I want just on Click without Submit

Hi  gio dzirkvelishvili

It quite simple 

steps 1 : you have two  variable for two buttons like below (default value of the variable should be true)

Step 2: In the UI  you need to make Enable only if the button variable is true like below

Step 3: In submit OnClick event (inside the action) after you save the application you make this submit button variable false as shown below

I hope this helps you :)

gio dzirkvelishvili



Hi Gio,

Please check your destination property of button client action. This is only possible when your client action ending with Current Screen. Because it restart screen and lost all preserved value. 

Replace it with End Node. and your local variable value will be preserved.

You can share screenshot if situation is different.

Hope this help.


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