Can't add parameter 'SOAPAction' to header when consume a SOAP API
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.19 (Build 41208)
Platform Version
11.10.2 (Build 25738)

when i try to add parameter 'SOAPAction' in headr for SOAP API, systems always return this error: "The SOAP action specified on the message, '""', does not match the action specified on the HttpRequestMessageProperty, 'getVPNNoListByCustId'. ". seems 'SOAPAction' is a keyword in outsystems. 

i want to ask how to add 'SOAPAction' into header when call a soap api?

Using SOAP is a long time ago for me, but can you use AddSoapHeader_ToRequest instead of AddHTTPHeader_ToRequest? 

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your reply.

i tried AddSoapHeader_ToRequest, it is not working. For this API, 'SoapAction' need add into Http header, not in request header.

soapaction => soapAction

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