[Tagify] [Tagify] Could not populate list into input value on page start
Forge component by Afonso Carvalho
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I am currently trying to fill in the input with existing tags from database. 

I have set the InputValues property with list and map it to TagifyStructure, but the tags didn't show up although the list wasn't empty. Is there any solution on this?

*The record is exist but the input was empty

*InputValue is set to GetResults.List

Thank you

Hello Adrian,

I have never used Tagify before, but would like to help out if possible. So please help me understand:

A) When you click in the 'Tagify Input' control, do you see a dropdown with the values in your list as shown below? This was not clear from your screenshot/post hence the question.

B) If you do not see the values then please provide a screenshot of all the properties as I have shared below. Your screenshot shows only 3 of the properties outlined below, but lets check out the remaining settings as well:

C) On the other hand, if you do see the dropdown list values but were expecting the tags to be displayed automatically as shown below then it does not quite work that way. You have to select the values from the dropdown manually to populate the tags as shown below.

Hope this helps,



Hi AJ, thank you for your help.

Here are the properties

The problem is when I first add tags it shown on the input, I'm expecting the current filled input to be displayed later.

But when I returned to this page, the pre-filled input field did not show up.

I wanted to make the tagify input to display the prefilled input, is there anyway to do this? thank you


Hello Adrian,

Sorry for the delay. Usually notification emails are sent out when someone opens a thread regarding a component, but I did not receive it.

From what I understand, you want an existing list of tags to show up as already selected on the component. Is this correct? This is what the InputValues list is for, and I see that you are already using it. Do you think you could an example module with this issue?

Hello Afonso,

Thank you for the help. Yes, that is correct. For the example I have tried to reproduce the issue in the Tagify-Demo module, I put some records in the Results entity and populate them to the InputValues attribute. It shows the same behaviour. I hope this would help. 

Thank you,



Hello Adrian,

Again, I can only apologise for the delay. I do not know if this will still be of help to you, but I did uncover a bug caused by developments in the previous version. The Tagify webblock was attempting to add the initial tags incorrectly, which is why the InputValues attribute was not having the desired effect. I've released a version with a fix and InputValues should now work as intended.

Thank you for your interest in the component, and let me know if the new version solves your issues.

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