Best testing framework

Hi, my company is transitioning to a test first development approach using OutSystems. There are quite a few testing frameworks in the forge, I'm looking for recommendations / reviews of the various forge components. Any input would be appreciated.


Hi Daniel,

Until something better comes around, you should stick with BDD framework.



Thanks Daniel :)

I was looking at that, as well as 'Unit Testing Framework' and 'Test Framework'. These both seem to be more recent than BDD framework, but it's hard to tell at first glance which of the 3 are better, or if there are any other forge components that rival these. So may I ask, why do you say I should stick to BDD framework?

@Daniel McMechan ,

Test Framework is not a tool to setup tests and it's not this tool that execute them. Test Framework is Test Management tool, meaning it's a tool, where the tests "you" write with UTF(Unit Testing Framework) or BDD, can be called to be executed ad where you can see the results of their execution.

The reasons to stick with the BDD Framework are:

  • It's the only supported tool by OutSystems to write component and API testing;
  • It's the tool that is evolving more in terms of documentation, runtimes support, etc;
  • His support to Behavioral Driven Development is also a known test industry best practice and so using it allows you also to leverage this best practice.



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