Long Server Request Timeout Code Patterns in Performance - Architecture Dashboard

We have built several OutSystems applications (mostly Reactive) and we use Architecture Dashboard for Technical Debt analysis. We can resolve almost all of them except the Long Server Requests Timeout code pattern. Can someone guide on how this specific performance issue needs to be addressed? The surprise part is that, the reserved actions such as DoLogin, DoLogout, GetUserNameFromServer in Common web-block are also reported under this pattern. Not sure on how this issue is tracked and reported. Even the Get Aggregates are reported, which are fast enough as I can see. Need some one to throw some lights on this topic.

Hi Somesh, 

You might be getting the server timeout error as the "Server Request Timeout" in the default settings of the Reactive module might have been changed/increased.

Restore it to default for the issue in the dashboard to go away. 


Amol Rane

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