Clear filter to show all the values

Hi all,

I have a drop-down box that allows the user to pick a region and department. I then put that value in a variable and filter by region or department by using the following filters:

I am trying to implement an option to view all regions and departments but I am a bit stuck on how to do it. I have tried adding a new attribute and calling it filter and assigning the value "ALL" and adding the following filter:

but there isn't anything that is displayed. 

Thanks in advanced

Hi Tamim,

you can put the filter like this 

Region = NullIdentifier() or Sheet1.Region = Region

or Region = "" or Sheet1.Region = Region

depending on the type of data

and then assign a empty value to the Region variable.

Same for the Department

Hi Filipe,

Thanks for your response! I have added the filters but I am unsure how to assign an empty value. I have done the following and it doesn't seem to work

That possible can work
were you able to debug it and make sure it passes on the assign?
can you show the filter on the aggregate?

Here are my filters

I dont think it passes on assign for some reason. Would there be another way to update the variable?

For the code you showed on the print to work it must pass on the assign to put that variable as empty
check what is the value of the variable Region before the if


Hi Tamim,

You cam use the below condition in your aggregate:

Region=nullidentifier() or Sheet1.region = Region

Department = nullidentifier() or sheet1.businessunit= Department.

So on clear button action you need to assign null values to these variables.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla

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