special character not allowed while paste

Hi ,

I have one string which is contained special character so when I wanted to paste in input box then it is not allowed to paste.



Can you provide more details? What is the special character?


I have one string like @3333UT and Need to paste in inputbox so Not allowed to paste in inputbox in mobile application

Special character like space,@,# etc

Dear Vivek,

Please make sure that the input type and the variable used are in 'Text' datatype.

Hello @Vivek Pandurang Pandile,

Please share a screenshot of your input widget's properties. Let's check to see if you have any special css styling or event handlers in place to remove/ prevent special characters.



Thanks for sharing that Vivek, so there is logic executed on 'key up'. Please review the logic to see if it is the cause for removing the special characters. 

Alternatively, feel free to share the 'Input_TaskIdOnKeyup' logic here so we can review it and confirm the same. 



Ok that one's good, but I realized belatedly that there is another OnChange event in your screenshot - Input_TaskIdOnChange, have you checked that as well. Thanks,


Hi Vivek ,

In the 'Input_TaskIdOnChange' logic, you might be using any javascript to restrict the special characters and space. Kindly remove that, if not using any, kindly share the logic, let us see.

Thank you.

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