[UK Postcode Validation] How to use UK Postcode validation service in reactive web to get Postcode from Geo?
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Hi all, Can anyone please guide me on how to use UK Postcode validation forge, which has "GeotoPostcode" server action in it. I am not to able to get the postcode after I put lat and long in demo.

Hi Aditya, I installed the component and the output structure seems that needs to be a list

correcting that and for example, in the demo showing the first result the demo began to work

Hope this helps.

Yes I got this. However, Can u help me out in getting the postcode data with lat and long, in that geotopostcode action, means any authentication is needed or anything to get data, cuz after consuming the rest api, i am not able to get data

I also noticed that the Lon variable on the Demo screen I think it should be with type text

after that was only calling the action

Ok thanks Fillipe, I am trying to get the geolocation with postcode automatically, rather than putting value in the inputbox and then fetching the postcode. I want to get the user location as well as the postcode. So, how to do that?

And CAN you please share the demo oml file?

The demo I used the one that is available on the forge component

And about getting the user location,  this is one one option from forge:

Reactive Geolocation Library - Overview | OutSystems 

Actually I want your modified version oml, cuz after applying the changes u told, then also its not working


I am not able to open this, means if I open I cant publish 

Aditya, can you confirm if you can use the demo to get the answer you want, maybe the postcode you are using is not valid etc? Can you show a screenshot of the specific error?

Can u plz provide me a solution in which i can get the users geolocation with postcode automatically?

This component is built using the http://postcodes.io/ APIs so you can test to see if what you are after is working there (ie. I am trying to understand if this is a problem of the code in OutSystems or the capability of the API to find the data you are after).
This is a free service, so its capabilities maybe limited. Alternatively Royal Mail does offer a paid API service:

This open source source data maybe also give you the flat file of the data you are after:

Can u plz provide me a workable demo version of this forge. That demo I downloaded isn't working.

Fixed the Geo to Postcode, published a new version. Hope that helps.

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