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I followed the guide on how to use in a Mobile and Reactive Web but couldn't move the cloned module from Independent Modules to my app. I think the problem happens because my app is Mobile only. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to do this?  

Hey, you can keep a separate application containing the cloned module for the feature toggles. It will not be a problem since the dependency for the toggles will be included when compiling the mobile app. 

I was actually trying to avoid this but if there is no other way.... I just feel like there shouldn't be a problem moving the cloned module inside the app, but I guess it's a platform issue.

I believe there is no other way at the moment because the Feature Toggle Clone contains a webblock that is created inside a reactive application. You can maybe also copy-paste the logic inside a mobile module to include it in your mobile application, but from an architecture point of view, why would you include this in your mobile application because your UI is not decoupled from this library component on an application level. In my opinion it should be in a separate core/library application. This way you can also have independent development cycles and include the feature toggles inside your flows.

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