[Speech Recognition Plugin] Error Android - Speech recognition service is not available on the system.
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First let me congratulate you for this awesome plugin! I have been using it in a major B2C mobile application and it works like a charm.

However, we have upgraded our MABS version to the most recent one (MABS 7.0) and we are having an issue.

The iOS version is working just fine as it was before. The problem seems to be one specific Android version.

As far as we can tell the problem is with the devices with Android version 11 because in older versions of Android it is still working fine.

The error we are getting in Android 11 is:

  • Speech recognition service is not available on the system.

We are getting the error on the startListening client action more specifically in the speechRecognition.startListening function.

Did you guys have experienced this behavior? Do you have any idea how could we fix this?

Thank you in advanced!


Gustavo Gaspar


Hello Gasper 

The problem seems to be related to this new Android 11 "feature", and the solution could be to add a query to the manifest for the blocked intent :

<manifest ...>
            <action android:name="android.speech.RecognitionService" />


Please let me know the results. 

Hello Manish,

First of all, thank you so much for your response!

Do you have any idea how to accomplish this? Add this in the extensibility configurations of my app? How?




Sumana Das

After adding it in Menifest.xml , still 

onSpeechResultsHandler is not working . Kindly help 

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