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One download button in my application. Based on search criteria I want to download the searched data in CSV format. 

I cant find any standard solution for this.

Hi Avijit,

check this component, it should solve what you need

I cant use the forge component due to security restrictions.

Please let me know if there is any native solution.

Can this do it?

Try it, please :)


Márcio C.


The native action to Export to Excel doesn't convert to csv.


Attached demo uses the RecordListToExcel widget as that is your only choice if Forge components are not an option.

There is a catch. You have to force the document to be named with a .csv extension.

You end up getting a notification as shown below:

Click 'Yes' and proceed. The file opens as a csv. If this is acceptable, then this may be your only way out (in Reactive web apps) currently.




Yes, I did put the solution, and you just need to change the type of file

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