Debugger not starting in producer module
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.20 (Build 41551)


I have a UI module (consumer) and a Core System module (producer).

Using the debugger in the consumer module works but for some reason, when I press start debugging in the producer module (choosing the UI module as an entry point), the debugger doesn't initiate. 

Things I have tried/made sure of:

  • I have gone to Edit/Preferences and chosen "Use one connection per request in debugger"
  • Made sure that there are no missing dependencies
  • Publishing the producer module and then consumer module
  • Restarting the application
  • Creating a new producer module from scratch (blank module)

....And still the debugger doesn't start. 

Note that I can start the debugger on the producer module if I pick "(this module)" as an entry module, but that does not help as I am calling a service in the producer module from the UI. 

Any ideas why this is happening? 

P.s. I am very new to OutSystems so I apologize if this is a silly question.

Hi @Kristjan Sigurdsson,

You have mentioned that you are debugging a service action (vs. a public server action) in the producer module. Per the section on 'Service Actions' in this document, that may be the reason why the debugger works when the Entry module is set to 'this module' and does not initiate when Entry module is set to the consumer module.



Hi @Kristjan Sigurdsson 

Sometimes I faced the same behaviour and what I do is put a breakpoint in the action of the consumer that is consuming the public action of the producer and then start the debug on the producer and click step into(F11) to continue.


Gonçalo Almeida

I got the same problem and i would like to share the solution with the community.

you have to publish ( or republish )  the Consumer Module.



Hi Kristjan Sigurdsson

usually if there is dependencies issue you will face this bahaviour, make sure you refresh dependencies in consumer before you publish it

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