[Client-side HTML to PDF] How Can I Download PDF Without Compress The Quality
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Hi ! I am newbie in Outsystems. I try to build an application that can generate and download PDF file and I use this plugin. But I found problem that quality of pdf I download always be compressed so that the image resized to low quality. How can I generate and download pdf without compress the quality ? Thank you


Hi Alfonsus,

I haven't seen this problem myself, do you have an example of this?

The image below is from my mobile application. The image quality is good enough

The image below is from pdf file that I generate and download. The image quality become lower


Mmm, I see what you mean. This might be a problem with the mobile browser itself, because the component depends on the browser to pass the image. I pass the image directly to the underlying library, and as far as I can see it doesn't do any transformations or the like. If you run the mobile app in a browser (e.g. when debugging in a browser) does the same happen? Or is the image quality correct in that case?

I use Google Chrome to debug and I got different quality between image in my app and image in pdf


Ok, do you think you can create a simple example module that exhibits this behaviour so I can take a better look? I'm about to start a one-week holiday, but after that I'm going to look into this component anyway, since I have to upgrade the underlying library.

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