To Add Working Day to date excluding weekends and public holiday
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Hi All,

Scenario 1
Assume the Start Date 30/4/2021 and Working Days to add is 4, which the outcome End Date will be 6/5/2021.

Scenario 2
Assume  the Start Date 30/4/2021 and Working Day is -4, but 29/4/2021 is a public holiday, and the outcome End Date should be 26/4/2021? (Not sure if I am correct for this calculation, please correct me if I am wrong.)

I've tried several solutions but I couldn't get the expected outcome.

The nearest outcome I could get is from this solution.

But there is a bug in the result which I couldn't understand and not able to resolve.

Taking the scenario 1 as example, I input 4 work days, by right should get 6/5/2021, but I will always get 7/5/2021.
It should move 6 calendar days instead of 7. I had tried to calculate manually by following the formula in attached image, also getting 7. The weird thing is when I add work day 1-3, it works well, only when Thursday, it calculate incorrectly.

Attached is my oml. You can find it in SampleWorkDayCalc Web Screen's On Change action. 

Appreciate your helps!



Hi Gwen,

I would do the following:

  • create a counter local variable starting at 0
  • get the list of holidays
  • while start date less than end date
    • check if day is a week day using DayOfWeek built-in function and if that date is part of the list of holidays using ListAny action from System:
      • if it is a week day and not a holiday, add 1 to the counter; false otherwise
    • add one day to the start date using built-in AddDays function

In the end, the counter will have the number of days between start and end date excluding weekends and holidays. 

From a performance standpoint, you actually just do one call to the database / external service to get the holidays, the rest is all logic which runs in the server.

Kind Regards,

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