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Hi Team,

I have been using Input Mask library for masking the currency in Input field while typing, In this case when I try to hover the Input field where the Input mask applied it returns default value of 0 and also in onfocus of that Input field. I have tried removing the placeholder or setting the value to empty via JS but it doesn't have any impact. If there is any method to achieve this please do advice. Thanks!


Have you tried to assign default value -1 to the input field where you used input mask?

I tried that and it works for me,



Hi komal,

Are you saying that we need to give the default value as -1 to the local variable assigned to that input?

Tried that method still same issue, can you provide any example how you achieved ?

Hi @Saravanan S 

Check here if this fits for your use case:

You can also check the implementation in the oml.


Gonçalo Almeida


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