[Advance Query] ExecuteSelectReturnJson
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While I am running a query in extension returns error "Invalid object name 'OSUSR_kwb_*********'" can you please help to solve this.

Note: ********* is the table name 

Hi Akash,
if the object name is invalid that means you aren't able to find it.
So either the table name is not valid or the table doesn't exist. Try to find it in OutSystems dictionary.

Other possibility is you are looking into another database connection. leave the parameter below empty.


You also can make sure you have espace name filled. if you are not using the physical table name it'll prevent you from getting another table with the same name from another espace.


Let me know if it's not working and give more details.

Hi Paulo,

actually i have checked the table in the outsystems dictionary in the entity table and the espace name is also correct and the connection name is empty but still i am getting this error

Hi Akash, is that happening only for this specific table?

What is your OutSystems version? I'm gonna check if I get the same issue. 

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