[Custom Input Masks] Decimal number with three places, is transformed into an integer
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I'm using Custom Input Masks, with the settings below and the numbers with 3 decimal places are transformed into an integer.

For example, if I type 1,333 this is transformed into 1.333. And if I type 1,33 it's okay.

This can be confirmed in the sum of the numbers (1333 + 1,33 = 1334.33 while the result should be 2,663).

What is the reason for this error?

Thank you.


Dear Julia 

Greetings for the day!

So for example if 2+1,333 is the input = 3.333 is the correct output in your requirement. But if you input 2+1,33 = It should return 135. Is it? 

If that's the case you will need to first Replace the "," with "" (blank) and then second step of addition will take place. 

To know how replace works, you can refer this conversation - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/49141/replace/

Thanks & Regards

Hello Julia.

The reason for the error I think the total is 1.334,33 and the value in the check field is -1.334,33 negative. Is this right?

Just asking because of the error message.


Gonçalo Almeida

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