How to use Cordova plugins with PWA


I'm working on a PWA that I want to use a Cordova plug-in with, specifically this forge component

I know it won't work on the web browser, but When testing it after installing it/Adding it to Home screen, it still doesn't work. I was looking for an answer and I found that Cordova plugins doesn't work straight forward with PWA. So how can I do that with Outsystems? Any ideas or advice?,add%20to%20home%20screen%20option%22.

Hello Abeer elAssal

That plugin does not work because is not compatible.

You can read about pwa here:

As explained in the link, As pwa is very recent there are few plugins compatible, so you need to wait for a new version of that component.

Be aware the latest version of that component is stable only for v10 of the service studio. You can try in v11 but it can face some issues


Gonçalo Almeida

Thanks for your reply I'm actually looking for a solution for that, it's mentioned on the link a way but I was looking for an advice how to follow.

Hi Abeer,

In PWA, no cordova plugins are supported. You can check on this website what HTML5 capabilities you can use in PWA and maybe use your own plugin to accomplish this. However i don't think there is a PWA/HTML5 workaround for your desired use case. That would require a native application.

Thanks for your reply, it's said on the link that there's a way i didn't figured it out yet but will keep searching.

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