Exporting Chart highcharts

I am trying to use the exporting JS library in in my charts. I am using reactive.

At first i downloaded both 9.0.1 and 6.1.4 versions of the script to my scripts in the interface:

Later i created a screen and added in the required scripts the following scripts:

and then i created an on ready action that calls to scripts for 2 graps. one is combined line and column and the other org chart. i call them with pure js and edit and put them each one in its own container:

it works perfectly.

but when i try to make a simple column chart with exporting enabled it doesnt work, i created another screen and put the code "exporting : {enabled : true } " in the highcharts json of the advanced format property it doesnt show me the exporting options although i do require the same dependecies(scripts). Does anybody know what is my problem? Is it lifecycle think or do i need to configure another thing? If anyone has an oml for example it would be awsome:)

another image to show what i mean : 


Hi roy,

For the mentioned use case, refer to the attached .oml file

See this sample screen: ExportColumnChartDemo

Steps to Follow:

  1. Add the JS script file (ExportHighChartsJS) in the UI Tab / Scripts Directory
  2. Map the same script file to the respective screen's Required Scripts property section
  3. Include the below JSON as a value to the column chart HighChartsJSON property section
exporting: {
        menuItemDefinitions: {
            // Custom definition
            label: {
                onclick: function () {
                        'You just clicked a custom menu item',
                            fill: '#a4edba',
                            r: 5,
                            padding: 10,
                            zIndex: 10
                            fontSize: '1.5em'
                text: 'Show label'
        buttons: {
            contextButton: {
                menuItems: ['downloadPNG', 'downloadSVG', 'separator', 'label']

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


thank u very much it worked. Is there a possibility to add "viewFullscreen" in it.

This didn't work.

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