[HealthPlugin] fetching Googlefit app data in iOS
Forge component by Sofia Mourato
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.21 (Build 41765)
Platform Version
11.9.1 (Build 20359)

is there any way we can fetch googlefit app data in iOS using this pluggin or by any means ?

there are ways to pull information from google server, But any way to pull information from googlefit app itself ?

This plugin works perfectly in Android , but how to get this in iOS from googlefit app?

Hi Debasis,

For iOS devices, this plugin will fetch data from the Health app which comes by default with iOS.


Hi Sofia, thanks for replying. Yes, the default authentication screen opens up is for Apple Healthkit app but how do i configure it to fetch data from Googlefit app in iOS ?

The GoogleFit is made to be covered when using an Android device, and if you test it in an Android, you will get the same authentication and in that case, you'll be fetching data from the GoogleFit.

well,  a user can have a google watch and the synced google fit app on iPhone. In that case it will not work. (which is exactly my requirement). In any means i get that data from app is highly appreciated.

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