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Hello everyone

In the documentation it says the following:

"All the communication between the app and the Platform Server is done through REST calls. All the calls to Aggregates/Data Actions and Server Actions in Mobile modules will have REST endpoints generated automatically by the platform".

My question is, how can I know the endpoints generated by consuming a server action?

(I only need this info to perform security tests)

Best Regards

Jorge Orellana


Hi Jorge,

You can check the page requests on the Network tab, XHR requests under Chrome Developer Tools (right click the page and check Inspect). You will get something like the image below:

According to this example which uses a data source, it follows the following name convention:


https://<your environment domain, e.g.>/<mobile app name>/screenservices/<name of the module where the screen action is called>/Action<name of the screen action>

Kind Regards,

Thank you João

Kind Regards,

Jorge Orellana

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