[Google reCAPTCHA Web] How to implement Google reCAPTCHA in web application?
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Hello All,

Currently I am trying to implement Google reCAPTCHA in the web application of mine but I not sure how the documentation for Google reCAPTCHA works. I have already obtained the Site Key and Secret Key from Google reCAPTCHA admin console and have put the webblock inside my login page together with the flow/code in the Login button's action.

I have passed the site key to the webblock and the flow runs smoothly that the feedback message is able to show up after I clicked Log In. My conern is, why nothing appears in my screen to let user click/choose to verify themselves since I've implemented recaptcha?? Also, the traffic is not detected in the console because only 1 request has been done?


Hello Junior,

For what I understand, the only thing this reCAPTCHA component does is to identify how likely the request was done by a bot or a human. It returns a score between 0 and 1, being 0 almost for sure is a bot, and 1 almost for sure is a human.

Than you decide what to do based on it... 

I don't think this reCAPTCHA component actually shows the captcha thing...  

You may try this one: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/970/google-recaptcha-web

I think it includes the entire library, including the checkbox I think you're looking for.


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the idea and I was actually using the exact same component. Just that the reCaptcha webblock implemented in mine was the V3 (I guess V3 has no checkbox like V2's right?).


Ah, yeap. I think V3 has only the "score thing".

Probably you can use both?.

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