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I am trying to use 'New Relic' to monitor my Reactive app. I have downloaded the component from the forge and its demo.

To get the settings to test the component I followed the documentation available on the forge https://www.outsystems.com/forge/Component_Documentation.aspx?ProjectId=6848&ProjectName=new-relic-rum

but it seems it is out of date because the new relic platform has changed. I think it might be related to creating an app step (step 2 of the documentation) - I am not able to create one.

 It seems this question has came up before but is not answered: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/65101/new-relic-registration-issue/

I managed to get my Agent Id and Trust key but since it is not associated to any app I guess that is why it is not monitoring data in my new relic account.

Has anyone configured 'New Relic' monitoring lately or done the demo that can help me with it?

Thank you in advance. Best regards,


Hello there,

What exactly you're looking for when using New Relic?

I'm confused when looking at this New Relic RUM component just like you at the first time, especially when reading the description

Key Features of component

  • Easy to use
  • No server agent required
  • Works in Reactive Web apps and in Mobile apps

Key Features of New Relic

  • Performance analysis and metrics collection
  • Browser and Geography statistics
  • Resources loading breakdown
  • JavaScript errors logging

So I ignore it, and trying install New Relic based on the document on their site

Install .NET agent for Windows | New Relic Documentation 

Register an account on New Relic, generate a license key, download their agent, install on your windows server, apply the license key archived previously, and waiting for the load loaded up on New Relic dashboard. Those are all the steps I have done

Hi Quang,

I want to monitor my Reactive app performance, to get analytics like the ones available in Life Time for our Traditional Apps (APDEX  - Application Performance Index, Response Time Distribution...). 

Where you able to monitor a performance of a demo with the steps that you did?

On New Relic dashboard of course


Since they release new model last August, you can see both APM and Browser metrics as well

is this what you are looking for?

That is what I am looking for.

Is that the data of all the users that have accessed your Reactive App or is it justdata from your usage?

I tried following your steps, but this is how it went:

  1. Went to the link 'Install .NET agent for Windows | New Relic Documentation'
  2. Selected EU Guided Install
  3. I am faced with this (see picture attached)


It collects all the traffic coming to the application, from all requests, not just from myself

Seems like they change the way to install the agent, using CLI

Anw, it just the command line which runs on powershell, just copy all the command then run it

Or if you prefer the traditionally way, in the link I sent previously, scroll down to Download and install the agent section, there will be the downloadable executable agent, and following the installation instruction 

Hi All,

I do have the  same issue, I installed the New Relic RUM Demo in my environment and tried to configure it in the Settings. I can get the License Key and Account ID but I do not see other details under my Relic RUM account. And also, can anyone please just me how to use this component. 

Just looking this page https://newrelic.com/ and I could see the some options to install Browser Application and Add APP and all. I'm confused, what we need to do first and how to use this component with my Reactive application.

Please assist me with this. 

Thank you.




I don't know if it's related, but the demo app works with my configuration but when I use the same configuration in my application I receive in the console the next error:

Best Regards,

Bruno F. Cantante


Oh ok, I tried with that JS not installed APM. I added Policies and conditions. Not sure how to enable that monitoring. When I check its still showing Grey color.

When i search their page, it is giving more cascaded pages but don't find this info. Because of this, I not able to see the performance. 

Please assist me with this.

Thanks you!!

Hi, I have the same errors in my reactive app, could you fix it?

I don't understand well how the component works, please can you explain me ?


I'm encountering several errors that seem to me to be compatibility erros with React 16... :(


Can you explain me how did you added the monitoring script in your application?

I tried from myself now,  it is working for me. I added that script in my OutSystems Application.



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