In mobile application, can set up css for popup display for both center and bottom ?
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Hello Everyone,

In mobile application, created application overall CSS for popup display position like the following CSS. But it does not work in applicaiton. Only display in center of the screen. Can set up css individually for bottom display and center display? If there are any other solutions, please let me know.

              align-items: flex-end;
              etc ...

              align-items: center;
              etc ...

Thanks and Regards,
Zwe Mann

Hello Zwe

To make the Pop-up in Bottom Align. Can you try by using Bottom Padding in (-ve) px? It might help you. 

Hello Zwe,

You can add this CSS:

.popup-dialog {

    display: flex;
    align-items: center;
    justify-content: center;


Hope it helps you.

See the applied example here:

Best Regards,

Nuno R

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