How to see/access the entire working area/content of Flow Canvas..

How to see/access the entire working area/content of Flow Canvas..

In service studio, the content in Flow Canvas is never shown completely - the Canvas is always overlapped by eSpace Tree pane.

So for example, if I have table that spans 100% of a page, at design time I am not able to see/access right columns  of this table.

As a workaround, I now  more  move such column to the left, do changes I need and then move it back right.

I attached a screen shot with table which has 2 columns.. there is no way to see the one which is at the right behind eSpace Tree pane.

How can I see/access the entire content of the Flow Canvas?
Is this normal?

Thanks, Alex.

I guess I should have called it Web Content Canvas and not Flow Canvas... I renamed subject of this post.
Hi Alex,

Seems to be some "css" problem. Please check your eSpace css, specialy the form,body,html tags.
Something like this (below) may cause the behavior that you've reported:

body { width: 3000px; }
table { width: 3000px; }
html,body { width: 3000px; }

You can also attach your css content to provide us more information.

Rafael Pereira

I have attached the content of the css - it is default as it was created together with eSpace by Service Studio - I did not change it.

Would you please suggest what and how to change exactly to see the entire Web Content Canvas?
Should this be submitted as a bug to fix?

Hi Alex,

Definitely isn't the css...Probably some "width" property with a huge value... :-) 
It is possible to attach the eSpace?
Verify the "width" property of your tablerecord. 

Rafael Pereira

Of course I can manipulate width property of the tables in web screens I edit (if I set width of a table in a web screen  to 50%, then I can see whole table), but this is a workaround and not a solution for the original problem.
Web Content canvas in Service Studio should allow to see whole content with width property = 100%.
If it does not allow, than I guess this is an  issue which should be fixed.

Do you see this differently?
BTW do you have a similar issue if width = 100%?

Thanks, Alex.
Hi Alex,

The web browsers and either ServiceStudio should "fit" the content on available width with 100% size property, but remember, you have a available area and 100% it's different from 100px or from 10000px.

The canvas always try to maximize your view to the "end view". (WYSIWYG)
For example, a "5000px width" table on 1024 x 768 resolutions screen will generate scrollbars on your web browser...a "100% width" table doesnt. 

Rafael Pereira

Hi Rafael,

thanks for the explanation.. this is clear, however I still not sure how to solve the issue.

As I understand a table with width=100% has to be rendered to be fully visible regardless from screen resolutions, but in Web Content canvas in my project it is not the case.

Summary of the issue:
  • If width of a table =100% (and in fact anything within 55%-100% range), then Web Content canvas does not allow to see/work with the entire table - the right side of the table is always overlapped by other controls in Service Studio. The Web Content canvas has a horizontal scrollbar, but scrolling the bar to the rightmost position still does not allow to see the entire table.
  •  I experience this issue with default eSpace and application configuration as created by Service Studio - I have not changed anything in css and etc.
  •  In a published application, the same table with width=100% is fully visible in a web browser.

  1.  Is this an issue with Service Studio or this is how it supposed to work?
  2. Do you experience the same or not?
  3.  If this is an issue how to resolve it without workarounds?

Thanks for your help,

If you have elements inside the table like divs,
images which are larger than the viewport of the canvas, you will get a scrollbar no matter what.

you get the same effect if you resize your browser to a small one. at a certain moment, you will get the scrollbar, because the browser just cannot render it smaller.

Hello Joost,

You are right about browser - if to resize browser's window to smaller size, you will get a scroll bar.
However regardless from the size of the browser window, the scroll bar in browsers window allows to scroll and see the entire page, but scroll bar in Web Content canvas does not - which is the issue I am having.

The table I am talking about is a standard List screen as created by IntelliWarp feature for an entity by default. As far as I can tell, there is no divs or images which are larger than canvas. 



Now I understand the real issue you are having.
That is one thing I don't recall having an issue with. Imho it's a bug

I suggest to submit feedback to support so they can look into it.

It's a bug if you've found this behavior on every new "ListScreen" created by IntelliWarp.
It is possible to send us the eSpace or some DummyeSpace with this behavior? 

Rafael Pereira

I have just sent all the info.. including the eSpace I am playing with..

I have just tested with version - the issue is still there.

Attached is a Dummy_application.oml with settings as created by Service Studio by default, and one entity and one List screen added by IntelliWarp

The screen shot below shows the Terminal_List web screen created by IntelliWarp. Service Studio does not allow to see the right part of the content as it is covered by eSpace Tree pane. Scrolling the horizontal scroll bar to the rightmost position does not help - in fact, the content does not even move when I move the horizontal scroll bar.


Hi Alex,

I have to begin by thanking you for all the effort you've put into trying to replicate the issue, and have us understand it.

From your image it is pretty clear what you're experiencing.

Sadly, however, when I download and open your eSpace (using SS, sorry - I still haven't upgraded) I do not face the same experience.

That being said, I have one question for you. If you close Service Studio, and open the eSpace you sent us, do you still experience the same behavior?

I recommend you submit that feedback to our support team, directly through Service Studio.

Click Help > Submit Feedback, and check the two boxes: Attach OML and Attach Service Studio Snapshot.

This will provide us with technical information that might help us better troubleshoot your specific scenario.

What you are experiencing is not normal at all. I would imagine some sort of problem with the .Net framework, some component that we might be using the wrong way, I really don't know.

Let us know how it goes on your end.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

when I close the Service Studio, start it again and open the same eSpace, it does not change anything - the problem is still there.

As you recommend, I submitted feedback to support with eSpace and snapshot ontions on.

Best regards,