Insert a form tag

Insert a form tag

How to insert a form tag by an expression?It seems that it not recognizes the form.
Hi Luís,

You've to put your form tag inside an expression and set the  "Escape Content" property to "No".

Kind Regards
Ivo Gonçalves
No .It is not why dont appear
Hi Luis,

Well, Ivo actually answered correctly. Doing that should work. I've attached an example from a blank eSpace and the first form HTML example I found in the internet, when searching for it in Google (

If you publish the attached eSpace it should work, so the next questions are:

- Is your form HTML code invalid? I.e. does it adhere to the specification, having all the right attributes, and being valid HTML?
- Is your form HTML in a specific scenario where it is not allowed to be rendered, either by CSS, or because it is not a valid form construct in the scope of the page you're using it in?

Try using my form in your page, and see if it works. That may help you start troubleshooting your page.

Let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares