[Input Masks] How to disable the input?
Forge component by António Chinita
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Hello, I'm using the plugin for several input fields. It works great for editing/inserting values. But I'm having a hard time to disable the input and not allowing the user to edit the value. I have inputs that have the setting Enbled = False, but the plugin maintains the input editable all the time.


Hi Pedro,

Using this component i tried applying enabled:false the input field widget works fine with other format options except Price. Though applying false still user can able to edit that field.

so I applied some JS in the extended attribute, that does the trick. Please find the OML for reference.

URL : https://saravanan-gamechanger.outsystemscloud.com/InputMask/MaskInput.aspx?_ts=637564994081804582




Hello Saravanan,

you're right, the enabled:false does not work when using Price type. I did not exactly solved the same way, but it guided me to the solution:

In my scenario, the inputs should be enabled or not depending on a boolean variable, so I used the extended properties to add a css class depending on this condition. Then, I added a javascript code to the page that disables all elements with the specific css class.

Thank you for your help.

URL: https://personal-qjun.outsystemscloud.com/InputMask/MaskTest.aspx?_ts=637565153336938820

Best regards,

Pedro Magalhães


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