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I'm trying to set up a redirect for a prod environment so that when a user navigates to the prod domain, they automatically get directed to our application.

So for example, if you enter a URL for a dev request domain <>, , the 'out of the box' behaviour is that you automatically get redirected into ServiceCenter:


I want to specify this type of behaviour for the production environment.

I'm looking to specify one of our applications as the default site for prod.  I've set up a site rule with the base URL as the prod request domain and a root application (a traditional webapp, I realise that reactive webapps are not supported yet) but when I browse to the prod request domain, the site rule is directing me to the root application.  I just get a blank page.

Bit scared that I don't want to block tool access (service centre, lifetime etc) by setting up a rule at the base url level. 

Any advice on how to do this level of redirect would be most welcome.  Thanks

Hi Shradha, thanks for the response.  I'd actually already set a traditional web app, and used the GetRequestDomain to work out a redirect URL.

The issue was that the SEO redirect rules don't work, but now we've fixed the issue of the rule not working, so posting the answer.

OK, humble pie time. I had prefixed the base URL with https://.  Just using the request domain without the https prefix fixed the issue.  In my case I created a simple redirect traditional webapp to then redirect to our reactive webapp.  Forthcoming release 11.12 enables this feature directly for reactive webapps so this will be simpler in the future.

Great, thanks for sharing the solution!!

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