Weird behaviour of Ajax refresh

I experienced a - for me - unexpected behaviour with an Ajax refresh of a control. What I did is the following:
1) In a table record, I have an If, that either shows an editable combo box or an expression (which shows the current value);
2) The OnChange screen action of the combo box changes the value that governs the If described above;
3) In the OnChange screen action I do an Ajax refresh of the If (or a Div surrounding the If, that's not important for the behaviour), I update another field (modification date/time) and I also display a RichWidget/Feedback_Message.
4) The Ajax refresh works as expected: the combo box is changed to an expression, and the modification date/time is updated as well. However...

after this, the Feedback_Message doesn't show, and all Ajax triggered elements cease working (including a button I put in for testing). Any one have an idea why this happens? I can see it being related to the fact that the first Ajax invocation (the OnChange action) is linked to a widget that subsequently is removed, but I'd like to know both the gory technical details as well as a solution (preferably not the workaround I have already thought of, i.e. instead of using an If play with the "display" extended property).

In the attach a minimal eSpace that shows this behaviour.
Hi Kilian,

First try:

1) Provide a name for your RichWidgets\Feedback_Message webblock (example name it MyFeedback)
2) After the  "set" Feedback_Message action near to the End of both screen actions (ShowMe and UpdateUser) try to refresh your RichWidgets\Feedback_Message webblock using the platform Ajax Refresh action and tell us if it works.

Rafael Pereira
Hi Rafael,

That did not work, which is what I expected, given that the whole problem is that most Ajax refreshes do not work anymore after the refresh of the combobox.

Best regards,

Hi Killian,

While I do not know what the problem may be there, what I may suggest is using Firefox and Firebug's Javascript debugger, and see if there are Javascript errors after the refresh, and what they are.

Then you'll be able to see if it is referring to a widget that no longer is there, or if it is something else.

Regardless, I would also suggest sending this over to our support team, since there might be something that can be fixed at Platform level - after all, it was unexpected for you, so you will definitely not be the only person experiencing that :)

Regards, and let us know of your progress.

Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

I have no experience with debugging javascript, so I'll just forward this to support.

Best regards,


I have the same problem, when i use on change of Radio Button after that the save button or anything with ajax doesnt work. This only happens in one client, have you fix the problem?

I think i found the problem, in Outsystems when i have ajax refresh with a editrecord, i try to do only to the textbox and it worked. I have in another server the and this problem doesnt happen.
Hi Hugo,

The problem I experienced was fixed with a new version of RichWidgets, iirc.

Best regards,

Hi Kilian,

Where did you get the last version? I have the version Outsystems and the RichWidgets
Hi Hugo, as you can see by the original post date, this was a year ago, and on platform version 5.0. I think we upgraded RichWidgets from 5.0.5 to 5.0.12.