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Hello everyone, I again with questions for you =)
I want to add my own chat for my app (WhatsApp or Telegram), do you know how I can do it?

Hello again :D

What do you mean by chat? you want to create a chat like WhatsApp or telegram?

Kind Regards,

Márcio C.

Hello again @Marcio Carvalho

yes, I want to create a chat like WhatsApp or telegram or more simple =)

You need to have a proper database, where you have the user to send a message, the user to receive, the message, the time of the message, the state(if the message was read). These is the basics. In time, you can build groups if you want, where a group has a lot of users, and the user has a lot of groups, so this table will be N to N, where you have a middle entity(between the group entity and the user entity) where have an id for the group and an id for the user.

I found this component from OutSystems, really cool, where you can use it, is just to display :D

You can also check this component already made, where have what you want, developed by Labs


Márcio C.

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