How to Distribute Apps in IOS without posting in App Store
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I want to create a package for application which can be directly installed to any ios phone rather than uploading it to the App Store. Is this possible to do?

I already created a Certificate and Provisioning Profile of Type "App Store" and i used it to generate the package in Outsystems. But when i tried to install this in Iphones, it is just stuck.

Can someone please help me. This is because, i just want to test in different phones, and i dont want to register them as users in my Apple Account.



There are different ways to generate the iOS Application. If you only want to install application without uploading on App Store you can go for Ad-hoc, inhouse, or development type of app.

But if you don't want them to register and want them to test application in iOS Device, you can distribute application as PWA. It will generate an URL that will open the application as PWA.

You can get all definition here:

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Have you tried and solved the problem? Please do let us know if you are facing any challenges

I kind of figured out the issue. What i have is a developer program with Apple and not an enterprise version. So I understand from their guidelines that the inhouse option is only available in Enterprise version and for that reason i wont be able to do that and have to rely on uploading the app to App Store 

Is you application using such native features which cannot be achieve with PWA testing? You can try with that too! 

No I cant rely on PWA Testing. There are few features that are not working properly only in IOS and this is working in bith android as well as PWA.. I was trying to debug this

Ahh, okay. Then you only have option for the iOS Devices. 

  • iOS App Development: this Development Provision Profile allows you to generate a development version (containing debug information) of your mobile app that can be installed and launched in a given set of devices for development tests. Only the devices specified for the provisioning profile will be able install and launch the app. If a given user's device is not authorized to install the app, the user will get a "Unable to Download App" alert message.

You can add MacID for the devices and generate the app and allow specific users without publishing for public. Also, making it public will go with the Apple review Program that will review the whole application and it will take time to publish. 

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