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I am creating a column chart do display information about age range regarding a group of people.

On my query I've aleady created  "Round(DiffDays(Person.DateOfBirth,CurrDate())/365)" to get me ta age of each one of them, but now I'm strugling to group them by age range.

I've attached a picture to show the example of what I wan't.

Thank you,

Tiago Fernandes



Hii Tiago 

What challenge are you facing? Please try with following the below steps - 

  1. As mentioned in your question it seems the Age Column of your aggregate is having AGE not the AGE Range.
  2. So, you can Groupby the age easily but for Age Range you can do something else -
    1. Create one more column with the Category - A,B,C,D...
    2. Give the formula If Age is >18 AND <30 = Category A
    3. Follow this and give all of them an Autoassign Category
    4. Then GroupBy the Category. 

I hope it is clear and will be helpful 

Hi Tiago,

in the aggregate create a new column/function per age range as a boolean. Then group and count the results.

Hello Manish,

Problem solved!

Thanks for your help!

Welcome Tiago :) 

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