[HealthPlugin] Unable to fetch fitness data for a time range using QueryData client action
Forge component by Sofia Mourato


I am not able to fetch data for a time range using the QueryData client action. I am passing start date time and end date time  and I need to fetch data in that particular date time range. But for me its returning empty array. 

Can any body suggest how to achieve my requirement using health plugin?



@Sofia Mourato When I debugged this issue I could find a permission error with the QueryData client action. When I try to fetch steps using this I am getting missing permission error for the following permission

cordova "com.google.step_count.delta requires android.permission.ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION"

I am able to fetch distance data correctly for a particular date time range 

When I searched in internet I could find that the issue is already raised for the cordova plugin used. https://github.com/dariosalvi78/cordova-plugin-health/issues/178

It says that this is the new permission that was added as part of Android 10. So for android 10 devices this won't work.

Could you please let me know how to fix this?

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