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Hello All, 

I am new with OutSystem and I have set up empty text value "Pick One" but I would like to change this in "Bold" but if I choose one of the value in the dropdown, it should come up fine. I was wondering is there a way I can accomplish that? 

Thank you

Yes, you just have to grab the class of the empty text and change the font weight. And if is not the empty text the font-weight is normal.

I will try to do a demo for you.

Here you have one solution! :)

You just need to know when the variable a value or not. If it has you give a class to add the style font normal, if don't have value, you give a class to add the style font bold.

I hope that you made it.


Márcio C.


Well done @Marcio Carvalho 

Appreciated ;)

You have explained the solution nicely. 

Hi Raj patel,

It can be done with minute CSS customization. Please find the URL and OML for your problem's reference.



Saravanan Santhanam.


Hello! @Raj Patel Any updates, did you find your solution with our answers? If so, please mark the solutions to finish the thread and make other users see this as a solution to their problems. :)




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