[UtilsIPAddress] Finding out the range of IP address- Using forge component "utilsipaddress"
Forge component by Carolina Bessa
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Traditional Web

Hi All,

I am using below forge component to find the IP address in given range.

I am using UserIPWithinSubnet: Check IP Address within Subnet mask action to find out the whether given IP address is falls on given range.

Here we have 3 Input parameter




So consider i am passing 202.334.23.12 in InUserIPAddress parameter and passing 202.334.23.0 to InIPAddress parameter and passing 202.334.23.255 in InMask, so my range is 202.334.23.0 to 202.334.23.255, but this way is not working for me, So please can anyone help me to resolve this issue, Please share any OML with the examples to pass the parameter in this forge component.

Thanks in advance.

Found solution by using another forge component.

I am not sure about these components but seems you can use this one more easily - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/4732/ipaddressrange

Here is the Examples to use for above component: https://github.com/jsakamoto/ipaddressrange


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