[Powershell Commander] Using PowerShell to publish OutSystems Factory
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Greetings all and hope you guys are well,

Here is what I intend to trigger automatically:

Some questions:

I suppose we must install PowerShell in our DEV server? How can I do it?

I suppose our DEV server must have "OSPTool.com" in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\OutSystems\11\" folder? How can I do it?


Hi YS,

Nice implementation. Depending on the OS you have Outsystems running on powershell should already be installed. if not..


The powershell commandline runs under IIS_IURS by default. So if you want to access another location check if the IIS_IUSR had sufficient permissions. If not, create a new user with sufficient rights and run de commander with those credentials.

Outsystems sets the default location of the osp tool.


Thanks Danny!

We indeed have it installed on server. What I did to confirm:

Hi Danny,

Seems like OutSystems doesn't allow it! Haha:


Hi YS,

Yes, Your app is running at the server-side, So if you want to execute OSPTool, then you should install Power Shell and OSPTool on the server.

I also already read your previous post, I can't understand what do you want to achieve.

Where is your osp/oap file? 


Hi Tom!

I'm trying to publish my OutSystems Factory using command line. Reference:


Do you know how to write this in PowerShell?:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\OutSystems\11\OSPTool.com" /PublishFactory <hostname> <username> <password>


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