List or Table widgets not able to add inside form
Application Type
Traditional Web

Why I'm not able to add table/list widget inside a form [Traditional], I came across a such requirement to show multiple dynamic records inside form .


In my case, in order to overcome this issue, I put the list/table widget in a different webblock and it works just fine.

Otherwise, you can always "split" the form in 2 form widgets and put the table/list widget in between.


Thanks for the response,

I tried the first way in your solution and it resolves my issue, need to try with the second one also by splitting the form into two forms

Thanks again.

Hi Sandeep,

follow Bogdan suggestions, although if you put inside a block, some widgets may not work properly, specially those built with JS functionalities.

Hi Jose,

I already used block, so you're suggesting me to fulfil my requirement by splitting the forms instead using block right?, I'll surely  try .


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