External Database Connection
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Traditional Web
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11.10.22 (Build 42084)


I have an on-Prem database and need access to it. I already setup the VPN connection between the outsystems cloud and our internal network.

But When adding the database it gives a network error that it cannot be found.

I used the below link as a guide but I cannot add the database. When I do the "Test" connection it never comes back. No error is given.



Hi Siavash,

Please refer below link. Hope the step mentioned into the post will resolve your issue.


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Hi Siavash,

Could you check : 

1. is the SQL Server can be accessed ? (check this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/lesson-2-connecting-from-another-computer?view=sql-server-ver15)

2. is the VPN is correctly configured ? (you must success on test connection on service center). check the monitoring tab on service center if the test connection didn't return any message.


Hi Siavash, 

Did you try using other DB tools to connect the database successfully?

As other replies mention the problem may be on network settings or database settings.

Kind regards,

Hello Siavash

Can you check the Firewall or the DB Access Security Protocol in the On-premise server? We might missing to allow access from there! Might be IP or something needs to be whitelisted  

I am getting a time out error. 

The VPN is setup in the environment. My internal team also did the network configuration on our end.


Can you try pinging the network from the VPN? You can use this Component if needed


Check if you can access that server first? Let's approach it step by step 

How do I use this component ? It says no stable version exist for our environment!

This is Xif File. You can open this in Integration Studio, Publish in your Environment and then Add in Application from Dependency Management. 

There is one more to try: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7626/pingstatus 

I have tried with the Ping component and it is working. Follow the Steps - 

  1. Download Component XIF File
  2. Double Click this
  3. It will open in Integration Studio 
  4. Click to Publish


  1. Open Service Studio 
  2. Click Manage Dependency 
  3. Add Ping
  4. Create flow to check status

Add Hostname as your Main Server and Store Status in Local Variable with Assign. Then Print it to check status. If Status not come try to print Error.

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