Control external camera orientation on mobile device


I'm building a mobile app that uses the "Twilio Video Mobile" connector. The app is designed to run on a kiosk (displayed in portrait) running Android with an external USB camera attached to the top. When the video starts, it is incorrectly rotated 90 degrees since we are using the external camera. I could not find a way in the Twilio connector itself to rotate the video stream. Do you know how I can achieve this?



@Robert Grosso 

I am not sure how to done this with the Connector but we also faced this error in Native Android Development. By default it works as per the Camera Original Angle. Might be your External Camera has setting of 90 degree rotation and that's why it is showing images rotated. 

Can you see any option there of -90 degree forcefully? Or do you have any option to check that External Camera Settings? 

Unfortunately, the external camera does not have a setting to rotate, so we had to go with a different solution. Appreciate the help!

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