Service Actions

 Good night everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have difficulties with service actions.

Previously I had on my login screen, a server action to login with active directory. This server action was created in a service type module and worked perfectly on my end-user.

It turns out that now I changed that server action and transformed it into a service action, that is, I did exactly the same logic as the server action in the service action, but when invoked at login it does not work, that is, the credentials are successfully validated, but it does not enter the home page (the screen where the login redirects).

I have already debugged and everything is "Ok" with the logic developed, not least because it is the same used in the server action and the server action works.

Can someone help please? I have no experience using services action in front ends.



Hi Neide,

A Service Action is a REST-based remote call to another process, which generates a weak dependency from the consumer to the producer module.

OutSystems passes the authentication context of the client session when calling a Service Action (UserId and TenantId), so you can use built-in functions like GetUserId() and CheckRole(). 

But to log in using a Service action I would say is not possible because the authentication context is not returned from a Service Action. 

You can find more information here:


Mário Horta

Hi Mário,

Thanks for the help, I was clarified.

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