[Advanced Excel] Unable to parse excel file (except .xlsm ext) fields using Advance excel and display
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11.10.22 (Build 42083)

Hello People,

Hope are is well and fine.

I have a good amount of discussion listed below regarding errors faced using the component Advanced excel.

Suppose for an example, 

1. I have a excel file (excel.xlsx) in which there is a macro injected into one sheet (Product Matrices) which is hidden in file.

excel sheets

VB code

Yes, it is presented in VB code and property is set to hidden as above.

2. I am using this sheet  (Product Matrices) to read cell values and display in UI using Advance excel component methods like Workbook_Open, Worksheet_Select etc....

3. Now, i am successfully able to read and display excel fields only if i convert my excel file into .xlsm from .xlsx.

if i upload with .xlsx or .xls, i am facing an error which says - "The file is not an valid Package file. If the file is encrypted, please supply the password in the constructor."

God sake, there is no password in this excel sheet. What can be the issue here? I need to pass this message to the component developer where a common solution can be obtained or community can also help here :-)


@Benjith Sam @Daniël Kuhlmann @Kilian Hekhuis @Hanno 

Hello, if you guys able to help here, it would be good for the community and the component.

Cherrs. God bless.



Please don't @ random people. Hanno is the main component maintainer, and thus has already been alerted to your post, so he'll take a look at it if and when he has time (it's all volunteer work, we're not getting paid!) But Benjith, Daniël and me have little to do with this component, so @-ing us doesn't help you at all.

As for your specific error, did you search the forum for this? I vaguely recall previous discussions about macros and VB code getting in the way of normal operation.

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