Error launching clone of mobile app "This app cannot be launched in browser"
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.0 (Build 42331)

I cloned one our applications and without any changes published and then launched the clone. The app began initializing, but eventually stopped and in the iPhone simulator, displayed the message: "This app cannot be launched in browser". 

The parent application still runs just fine. Is there a setting in Service Center I might be missing?


Need more information to try to resolve.  1)Are there any site settings that the primary application is dependent upon.

These would be found in Service Center . 2) Since you mentioned that it runs fine in the parent what are you viewing it with. Google Chrome in emulation .  3) Not needed but is the final build of the original a PWA or a Native Build.

4)  If Native does the Application use any plugins. 

5) Have you check the Error Log in Service Center. 

Hello Lorenzo 

You can launch the clone application Just you will need the different App Identifiers. 

Please can you ensure once if you are using the same App Identifier or different at the moment?

I don't have that view for the cloned application. It resides within "Independent Modules". Can it be moved from there?

Sorry, I didn't get with the Independent Module! 

  1. Have you cloned the module inside same application? 
  2. Or It's a different application having own modules? 

Can you share the screenshot of Service Center how it looks like? Is it not there on Your Application Screen!

There are the independent modules and when I open that I see my clone.


Here are the contents of the "Independent Modules". "Independent Modules" is created by Outsystems.


We cannot generate correct app from Independent Module. You can try to open Service Centre and Download the OML from there and add that in an Application. Then generate Android / iOS App from it. 

It should work this way. 

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