How to solve "Unlimited records in Aggregate"


In the architecture dashboard  there are a lot of Unlimited records in Aggregate issues. However in many of them I dont know how to properly solve because I dont know how many records would be. 

For example I have a server action that has an aggregate GetProcessFiles to get the files associated with a process. And I dont know how many files would be to set the Max.Records property properly. 

Do you know how to solve this issue?


I'm not sure whether that's something to be solved. If you know what you're doing, unlimited aggregates are fine. It's just a warning that something may need attention.

Hi, ok, didnt know that, thank you! In the architecture dashboard also shows 3 issues about "Avoid Anonymous and/or Registered access Screens"  in the screens MyInfo, ForgotPassword and ResetPassword. All this 3 screens have the same roles  checked only the MyInfo doesnt have the Anonymous role checked. Do you know what can be the issue? Because, for example, the Login screen has exactly the same roles of these 3 screens and for the Login screen there is no issue related to "Avoid Anonymous and/or Registered access Screens" .


Again a warning you can, for these screens, ignore. Obviously there's no Roles needed for ForgotPassword and ResetPassword, and MyInfo should have Registered only. I'm not sure why/how Architecture Dashboard excludes the Login Screen, to be honest.

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