I am unable to understand how to integrate the software with the salesforce ??? In the tutorial they haven't showed anything about connection.

So can anybody please tell me step by step guide on how to connect to salesforce and then create pages and stuff

Hello Muhammad
Have you tried SalesforceConnector? 
If you want to develop your own SalesForceConnector, you could start by creating an Extension via Intergration Studio, with the extension you could connect to salesforce api. Then you would use the methods you created in the extension within Service Studio.
You can more find information about SalesForce API and source code examples at http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Integration
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your quick reply. First of all I have downloaded the salesforce connector and published it already.

My question is that
1. do we need to make any changes to the downloaded salesforce connector file (if yes then what changes)
2. Can we use this file as it is ???
3. I have uploaded the file "salesforce connector" to my tryour server .. and then I followed whatever is shown in the salesforce integration video. However, after creating the "Add Preparation" and adding SForceLogin action on the preparation bar. I cannot find the "site.salesforce_username"  and "site.salesforce_password" in the expression builder

However i added the username and password in a text format with "Quotations" but after running the application I got some internal error

Hope to hear from you soon
Hi Robert,

My first two questions remains there and please answer it however, question 3 where I have asked for the salesforce_username and password is resolved. I find out that these are the site properties ryt ???

However, I am getting the internal error. please see the attache image for reference


I am not sure what version you used but here Alex has already upgraded it to version 5.1 and solved some issues that existed. Check his code out here.

As for what you need to do with it is pretty simple.

1 - You need to publish in your Server
2 - You need to execute the sample in  your server (please note that the username and password are your normal username and password but you need to add the new token that you can get from the setup page of SFDC after your password)
3 - You can then reference the Sforce espace for your login API and to get the base structures
4 - If you need to get more fields just change the SForce espace structures that represent your objects to add the fields you require.
5 - If you need to have other objects just create a structure with the same name as the object (you might need to append __c to the structure name if it is a custom object), add the fields you want to retrieve and copy the actions that you have for account, lead, etc that you need, changing the types of the objects in them.

As for the error you showed you probably need to use Alex's code and not the default 4.2 connector. It seems like you need to open the espace SFORCE in service studio and update the references.

Let me know if you still have questions and I can try to help further.


Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your explanatory answer but I am still stuck with the same internal error.

1. I uploaded the new 5.1 Salesforce connector but I got some warnings and an error, please see the attached zip file contains image and the source file
2. I was not entering the token after the password but after your comment I also did that but no luck

I am attaching the source file and the credentials to log into salesforce are also inside the file. Please see how you guys can fix it OR could you please send me a sample project where I can just insert my login credentials and it will show me the accounts with edit and update functionality


It looks to me that you are in one of the trial platform servers in the cloud. Those servers have some limitations, one of which is the fact that you cannot publish extensions other than the ones already there. 

In order to test your code you need to install your own local server (in either your laptop, a workstation) and you can download the full instalation package on   http://www.outsystems.com/download/full/. You can also provision your own cloud server by following these instructions (How-to Install the Agile Platform Community Edition in the Amazon Cloud).

On these servers you should be able to install the component without any issues and test your integration.


Hi Miguel,

First of all Sorry for late reply .. just got busy with the work in office and this is side learning for my own interest and Thanks for your answer.

it's working absolutely seamless ... i haven't seen such a powerful tool in my whole lyf ... gr8 work by outsystems

Thank you very much for all the help... GOD BLESS YOU :)

HI Miguel,

As now I have got an application where I am retreiving and updating information from and to salesforce. I would like to make it public so people can enter their information direct into our salesforce system.

1. How can I publish the application designed in agile studio to our website .. suppose our website is providing the .Net support so what are the options for me to make the agile application public for people and specifically on our website???

2. Can we generate the aspx pages and other required files from agile and just upload to our ftp like other asp.net applications ???

Hi Muhammad,

Let me clarify the questions that you posed about the deployment of OutSystems applications.

How can I publish the application designed in agile studio to our website?

Please the How-to deploy OutSystems applications in a public hosting service guide. This guide clarifies that OutSystems applications can only be deployed in a web server where you have the OutSystems platform installed and running. It also presents some options for the setup of the OutSystems server.

Can we generate the aspx pages and other required files from agile and just upload to our ftp like other asp.net applications ?
As explained in my previous answer, you will not be able to manually deploye the applications generated by the OutSystems plataform. To deploy an OutSystems application, you have to publish the visual models created in Service Studio (the eSpaces) on your server using the OutSystems 1-Click-Deployment process that will generate and install ASP.Net or Java applications and the ORACLE or SQL Server data model.

To read more about this, see the Deployment section in the OutSystems Platform Tour.

See also the Agile Platform - Architecture & Infrastructure document for a clarification on how the OutSystems platform works.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hello Muhammad
To complement Daniel's answer:

1 - Running a server in Amazon is pretty cheap. For about 60$ a month ( $227 one time yearly fee + $36.60 monthly) you can get a server in Amazon. If you use SQL server express (limited to 10GB of Data) that is all you have to pay. You can see an example quote at here 

2 - You can always take a look at the .Net code generated by the platform by going to service center and downloading the source code (there is a big button on the Espace detail page). 

Let me know if there are some other questions we can help with.


If you want to avoid using a proprietary connector and just use a typical ODBC connection, you could create an ODBC data source using Progress DataDirect's new Salesforce ODBC driver.  I think using the dbserver, you can connect to an ODBC data source.  Using ODBC should reduce the steps and complexity of connecting your integration server to Salesforce data since the driver will allow you to use basic SQL statements to retrieve and update your data.  Here's a link to the ODBC driver: http://www.datadirect.com/products/odbc/salesforce_crm_odbc_driver/index.html