To edit data in a table row wise in reactive web app
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Hi Team,

I have made a page which has a table in it with add and edit functionality. Whenever I try to edit any row data, it actually make changes in only the 1st row. What is the issue? And how to fix this?

Moreover, in the add functionality, Only the 1st row data is prepopulated and adds a new row with same id and data.

Hi Aditya,

It seems, your edit functionality is editing only the last record instead of the current one. Can you share the oml or the screenshots of the logics, that will give more clarifications to help you.

Thank you. 

Actually its in client environment so, i cant take a SS nor oml can be sent

While editing, I think you are editing with the id from the preparation instead from the table, as below.

Please refer the sample oml , that might help you.


How to do this in Reactive web?

Hi Aditya,

Please check the input parameter of the form that you sending and also while updating please the details that you gave to the UpdateEntity action.

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Please FYI


Thanks! I got your idea. But I am applying that add and edit using a popup. That i where I am getting issue.

So rather than changing from one page to mainflow page, how to get that done using popup

For implementing this logic with popup,

1. You can create a structure of variables that you want create or update (of entity type

2. Add local variable of list of that structure in your screen.

3. When you click on edit(update) then add the records to list and assign same to the form in popup and update same 

4. When you create the new record then just empty the list and create new record.

5. Clear the list after each operation 

Hope this helps,

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Thanks ! I am trying to add popup for add functionality also. But Its not working

While adding popup to add details functionality, I am trying to create a new aggregate for it and a client action called Addonclick. In add on click i fetched Create details action. but its not working

Can u plz share the oml with add functionality popup also? I tried but not working and i am quite new to outsystems. So it would be a great help.

Do u have the oml for both add and edit popups?

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