How to implement cell VAlign and HAlign in new EPPlus Excel Package

Hi members,

Previously I was used old EPPlus  Excel Package which contain cell alignment properties in CellRangeFormat action.

I have update the Excel Package to new version which doesn't contain CellRangeFormat anymore. I'm trying to replace CellRangeFormat with Cell_FormatRange. But the new once doesn't support VAlign and HAlign

Any idea how to implement it in Cell_FormatRange? Below are the screenshots of old and new actions.

Old way:

 New way:




Hello @Eruthia Raj,

I encountered the same issue as you but fortunately had the option to switch to Advanced Excel which also uses EPPlus under the hood and allows for horizontal / vertical alignment options as shown below:

Hope this helps,



Hi AJ,

Thanks for the reply and clean explanation with an example. Let me try this. 



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