How to restore data in an application.

Hi All,

I want to restore data[All tables] for only one particular application in my Enterprise environment.

The Environment has multiple applications

  1. So just restoring the database backup would not not be possible because it will restore data in all the applications
  2. Also restoring only few tables[for one application] is also not possible here, since the database restore process works like either all or nothing.

As per our analysis till now we have figured one possible approach, i.e. 

  1. IT will provide a temporary database which will lie in the same server 
  2. That database will be used as an extension
  3. Code will be written in service studio to delete all the existing data & restore data from Temp database to OS database.

 can anyone please suggested is this is the only possible approach or we have any other method to

  1. Restore data for one particular application, which lies in On-Premise Environment & has multiple applications in it.
  2. Or restore application with Data.

Environment : On Premise


Ajay A


Hi Ajay,

Here it is described how to restore a backup to a copy database:

This is how you can get temporary access to the database backup:

Not that it requires you to have a VPN connection if you run OutSystems in the cloud.

You can indeed use OutSystems logic, or you can use request direct access to your production database too and use tools like Microsoft SQL Server Management Tool or other ETL tooling to restore the relevant data.



Thanks Daniel, for your response.

  1. I have access to PROD database & the our Environment lies in On-Premise not in cloud. I just want to restore data[Old data/last month backup data].
  2. This data restore needs to be done only for few tables[All the data] not for the entire database.
  3. Can you suggest any articles or approaches for this.


Ajay A


So you have direct access to the database tables, you can use any tool like Microsoft SQL Server Management Tool   or something similar to extract - transform - load data from one database to the other.

Has nothing to do with OutSystems, just SQL.

I want to import old data[Backup data of last week/last month] of only one application, means import the data exported from the same database a week or month ago.

Lets say the database has 100 tables & I just need to restore 10 tables, is it possible with the tool[Microsoft SQL Server Management] in PROD.


Ajay A


I noticed that, at least for a huge amount of data, ETL tools like SQL Developer or not very fast. Instead, it was a lot faster to write OutSystems code to restore the data.
Just connect to the backup database via an extension and recover the records via a module.

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