leaving inactive users occupies a user for the license?

Hello, as is normal, in the process of maintaining users, both for User and ServiceCenter we have to delete users, but when we try to do it, it gives us an error because it has associated records in other tables, so we leave it as deactivated.

What is OS's recommendation at this point? leave them as deactivated count towards the licenses of the platform?




The proper procedure is to set the User Inactive. That way they do not count any more as a used user in the user license. If you edit the user in the Users application there is an option to set an active user inactive, and an inactive user active.



Hello Cris

The License Cost only impact with the Active Users. I believe the Deactivated what you have said is same as Inactive. You can keep them Inactivated.  


Didn't  I explained that already 6 hours before you?

Yes, your intent was exactly same before 6 hours of me. But I thought to clear with the Deactivate and Inactive Users. Cris asked about the OS Recommendation and I believe every community member has right to share the recommendation in their perspective.   

I have seen this in many thread that sometimes tone of explanation helps members to understand easily. 

Please feel free to share your intent of commenting or disliking on my comment. So, we can keep moving accordingly. 

Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


Different view points  or additional information helps, repeating what has already been said not. Obviously it can happen and is perfectly fine  that multiple people reply in almost the same time. But even here a lot of people will reconsider their post if someone else exactly wrote the same but just a bit later.

 But replying hours later and not add anything to a previous answer, does not add value to the discussion.

I am totally agree with you and follow the same concept. There are lots of post where I know the exact answers but see already shared by someone and we don't add comments. I understand it sends notification to all and might waste their time to check the useless comment. 

But here my intent was to be clear about Inactive and Deactivate (The Terms) and I responded in a short line. 

Thank you very much for the information

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