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Hey guys,

so, I have this Reactive module with several screens, a couple of private webblocks, a couple of private server actions and no entities (only referenced).

The architecture dashboard is assuming this module is a Core module. My question is why? Is it due to the couple of server actions? Is it because it has webblocks? I remind you that no object is public here.

I was considering this as an end user module, but something is there preventing this to happen.

I couldn't find also in OutSystems documentation an answer for the following:

  • What kind of objects can we create in a module to be considered as an end user module in Architecture Dashboard ?
  • Same for Core and Foundation.

Can you help out?

Thank you,


In general, I think the "Foundation or Core Module with Screens" finding doesn't analyze whether it the elements are public or private, it only checks if there are End User Screens (the interface elements accessible through a URL).

Sometimes Architecture Dashboard might make a mistake when categorizing your modules in a layer, so you can assign the correct layer for each module by doing the following:

(1) From the main screen, click on the application you want to analyze.

(2) On the menu that appears on the left, click on "Open Modules (N)", where N will be the number of modules of your app.

(3) Click on the Module that doesn't have the correct layer assigned.

(4) On the left side menu, you will have the option to select the correct layer:

This will help avoid incorrect findings that appear due to the platform categorizing them incorrectly. Let me know if this helps!

Hi Francisco,

thank you for your answer. I actually was not seeing that dropdown, started researching and from the main screen, I've clicked My name - Maintenance, and saw this:

I've checked it, and started seeing the dropdown.

Thanks again, going to Mark as Solution.

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