Global maintenance page for the factory

Hello, we have created a global maintenance page for the factory, for when we make deploys to PRO. We have placed a serveraction in the preparation / OnInitilize of the pages of each application (We call a core module that is the one with the serveraction, which checks if there is a siteproperty "IsDeploymentMode" is true and dislodge the user is like this), but we are not convinced by the solution for the following reasons:

  1. In reactive applications, putting it in the initialize at the end is not good practice when calling a serveraction
  2. At the end, if the user has the session open and does not change the page, they can continue working until the session ends or the page changes.

Is there a better option?

Hi CrisSanz,

I suggest to take use or to take a look at how that has been realized.

regards Hans

Hi CrisSanz, 

If you have access to PROD service center you can Disable the application directly from service center, this will not impact both the application or the application users. Once deployment is completed you can Enable the application again. No configuration or factory settings need to be applied for this, just enabling/disabling the button is enough.

How to disable an application: Service center -> Factory -> Application -> Disable

The app home page will look like as follows for all the users even if an user has an open session[This is applicable for Web, Mobile & Reactive]


Ajay A

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